Буква V

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Буква V

Сообщение giz555 » 02 апр 2010, 15:07

Существует 4 модификации Валькирии - данное суждение не верно

http://macross.anime.net/mecha/united_n ... index.html

VF-X: Non-transformable variable-wing flight test version.
VF-X-1: Transformable prototype developmental version.
VF-1A: Standard UN Spacy version manufactured by licensee Northrom. One head-turret-mounted RÖV-20 laser gun.
VF-1B: VF-1A version upgraded by the "Half-S" retrofit (overhauled avionics and S-type head unit).
VF-1D: Two-seater version. Two RÖV-20 laser guns and two TV camera eye systems.
VF-1J: Version manufactured by licensee Shinnakasu Heavy Industry and assigned to air team and squadron leaders. Two RÖV-20 laser guns on improved Kyuusei-Industry-designed head unit. The out-of-sequence "J" designation is believed to represent the abbreviation of the region of its origin.
VF-1S: Version manufactured in limited numbers by licensee Northrom and assigned to squadron leaders and CAGs. Four RÖV-20 laser guns, enhanced avionics identical to VF-1A's Block 12 design, newly-redesigned Kyuusei Industry head turret, improved FF-2001D engine with greater engine thrust.
VF-1X: Modernized version with completely upgraded materials, avionics and power plants.
VEFR-1: Two-seater version with detection and electronic equipment for reconnaisance, ECM, and ECCM missions. This version includes a rotary overhead radome, electronic surveillance pod mounted on the arm,detection equipment in the wing, and retractable detectors in lieu of hands.
VT-1: Two-seater trainer version, manufactured by licensee Northrom, normally equipped with Shinnakasu Heavy Industry NR-BP-T1 FAST Pack booster variant with enlarged propellant tanks and no missile pods, NP-FB-T1 conformal tanks, NP-AU-T1 arm units with no micro-missiles
VT-1C: Version produced for civilian use
VE-1: Two-seater version similar to VT-1 with Shinnakasu Heavy Industry early warning and electronic warfare pack developed in cooperation with Bifors, which includes NR-BP-E3 FAST Pack booster variant with rotary radome; NR-SR-E3 (right) and NR-SL-E3 (left) arm-mounted containers with HF, VHF, and VLF antennae; and two NR-FS-E3 attachments with side surveillance radar systems.
Note: Machines upgraded to block 5 or higher specifications were renamed Plus (e.g. VF-1A Plus).

GU-11 пушка. Стандартное переносное трехствольное ротационное орудие калибра 53 мм. - а разве калибр не 55мм?

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